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*** All Cakes Are Made To Order ***


Current Base Price List


The Prices Below Are For Dessert Cakes and Cupcakes

Simple Cake and Cupcake Designs or Non-Decorated Cakes 

 Simple Cake Design Includes - Icing,  Simple Border, Message and Sprinkles

Simple Cupcake Design Includes - Icing, Sprinkles, Drizzles and/or Crumbles

All Cakes are Two to Three layers of cake with

 filling and/or icing and approximately 4" - 5" Inches in height. 

Sheet Cakes are two layers of cake and one layer of filling and/or Icing. 

Double Barrell Cakes (Tall) are 4 or more Layers of Cake



(Minimum Order 2 Dozen)

Classic Cupcakes (Regular) - $25.00/Dozen/(1 Flavor/Dozen)

Classic Cupcakes (Large) - $30.00/Dozen/(1 Flavor/Dozen)

 Signature Cupcakes (Regular) -$35.00/Dozen/(1 Flavor/Dozen)

Signature Cupcakes (Large) - $40.00/Dozen (1 Flavor/Dozen)

Dessert Cups (9 oz) - Starting at $40.00/Dozen - Minimum Order 1 Dozen


6” Round Cake  (Serves up to 12) - Starting at $40.00

8” Round (Serves up to 24) -Starting at $60.00

9” Round (Serves up to 30) -Starting at $70.00

 10” Round (Serves up to 40) - Starting at $80.00

 12” Round (Serves up to 60) - Starting at $100.00

 1/4 Sheet Cake Filled (Serves up to 60 ) -Starting at $125.00

 1/2 Sheet Cake Filled (Serves up to 90) -Starting at $150.00

Full Sheet Cake Filled (Serves up to 120) -Starting at $200.00

Tiered and Custom Cakes

Minimum Price for all Tiered and Custom Cakes is $150.00.

*  Square Cake Options are Available  ***

Servings and Prices Will Vary

The final price of your cake, cupcakes and treats will depend on the

number of guests or servings, design complexity, and other factors such as

fresh flowers, cake or cupcake toppers, cake stand rental, and set-up and delivery.

* (NC Prepared Food Tax Will Apply on All Orders) *

Price Quotes and Estimates

Price quotes and Estimates will not be provided over the phone

or Direct Message on Social Media.  

All Price quotes will be done in writing or by invoice

*** Corporate or Volume Incentives ***

For orders of 100 or more Classic or Signature Cupcakes or

5 or more Individual Cakes In the same Order (8' Round or Larger)

Tiered Cakes do not apply


We are Closed for Business on Sundays, Mondays and all Major Holidays

Weekends are designated for Special or Catered Events



* A Non-Refundable 50% Deposit/Payment will be required on All Orders *

*** Full Payment Is Due 5 Business Days Before The Event Date ***

Accepting Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit Cards Payments made through

Cash App ($treatsbylina), Square Payments, Pay Pal or 

Google Wallet (payable to treatsbylina@gmail.com)


All Checks should be Made Payable to "Sweet Treats By Lina LLC"

NSF Fee of $40.00 will apply for all Returned Checks


Food Allergy Disclaimer:

Sweet Treats By Lina LLC is NOT an allergy free Company. We cannot guarantee that

our products are free from any ingredients that may affect certain food allergies.



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